When are the info sessions?

Info sessions generally last 30-45 minutes and will be held as follows:

Saturday September 29th: 11am in Kresge Hall 2415

Sunday, September 30th: 5pm in Kresge Hall 2380

Monday, October 1st: 7pm in Tech Hall A110

Can't make it to an info session, but still want to try out? Email us at northwesternmt@gmail.com

When are try-outs?

You will sign up for a try-out slot during one of the following days:

Tuesday, October 2nd: 6pm-10pm in Harris L28

Wednesday, October 3rd: 6pm-10pm in Harris L28

Thursday, October 4th: 6pm-10pm in Harris L28

Friday, October 5th: 6pm-10pm in Harris L28

Saturday, October 6th: 8am-10pm in Harris L28

How do try-outs work?

Tryouts basically consist of three parts:

1. A basic get-to-know-you

2. Presenting an opening statement

3. Acting as a witness

What if I've never made an opening/ act as a witness before?

No worries! For the opening, we just want to see your public speaking skills, so if that means giving us a few minutes on why you love ice cream, that works too! 

For the acting part, we'll give you a bit of info about the witness during the info sessions, you'll have some time to prepare, and during the try-out, we'll ask you some questions, and you'll answer in the witness persona you create.

Don't worry if you suck at being a lawyer, but rock at being a witness or vice versa! We don't expect you to be amazing at both.

Wait, can I be a sophomore/ junior/ senior, and still try out?

Yes, of course! All are welcome to try out!

I have more questions. Help!

Send us an email at northwesternmt@gmail.com with any other questions!