jonathan debruin

Major: Political Science Minor: French

Hometown: St. Charles, Illinois

Activities: Northwestern University Marching Band, Northwestern University Model UN

Pump up song: Holiday - Madonna

Fun fact: Jonathan's tear ducts are sealed.


yash dhuri

Major: Economics Minors: Business Institutions & Legal Studies

Hometown: East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Activities: Board of Directors - NSFP, Peer Adviser, Wildside, Weinberg IT Consultant, Phi Alpha Delta (PAD) Pre-Law Fraternity 

Pump up song: Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys

Fun fact: Yash was on the cover of a magazine; his haters (one of his best friend's mom) tried to tell people it went out of business right after, but it's doing just fine.


Akshay jain

Majors: MMSS, Economics, Political Science

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Activities: Phi Alpha Delta (pre-law fraternity), South Asian Student Alliance, Associated Student Government, Model UN, Paracombatives JuJitsu

Pump up song: Bugatti - Ace Hood

Fun fact: Akshay once had a herniated disc in his back as a result of sneezing. 


braden pomerantz

Majors: Journalism and Political Science

Hometown: Shawnee, Kansas

Activities: Peer Adviser, Works for Northwestern Athletic Communications

Pump up song: ADELE...any Adele!

Fun fact: Braden obsesses over the TV show Big Brother :)