fall 2017

NIU: Team Donatello tied for first place with a 7-1 record, ultimately taking second from a one point CS differential, and their very own jovial Jolie Boulos took home an 18 rank witness award! Team Michelangelo came out with a 4-4 record, with sophisticated Sarah Walther receiving a 17 rank attorney award!

AAMTI (Berkeley): Team Michelangelo tied for second place with a 7-1 record, ultimately taking home third due to point differentials, and brilliant Benjamin Markstone brought back an 18 rank attorney award!

Tufts University: Team Raphael had a 5-3 record with an eight place honorable mention, with outstanding Olivia O'Brien taking home a 20 rank witness award!!

Temple University: Team Donatello went undefeated with an 8-0 record, taking home first place, and keen Kate Hayner-Slattery brought back both a 20 rank attorney award and a 14 rank witness award!! Also, the jocund Joy Holden took home a 20 rank witness award!

Lewis University: Team Raphael took third place with a 6-2 record, with beaming Braden Pomerantz coming back with a 17 rank witness award!

winter 2018

spring 2018