fall 2017

NIU: Team Donatello tied for first place with a 7-1 record, ultimately taking second from a one point CS differential, and their very own jovial Jolie Boulos took home an 18 rank witness award! Team Michelangelo came out with a 4-4 record, with sophisticated Sarah Walther receiving a 17 rank attorney award!

AAMTI (Berkeley): Team Michelangelo tied for second place with a 7-1 record, ultimately taking home third due to point differentials, and brilliant Benjamin Markstone brought back an 18 rank attorney award!

Tufts University: Team Raphael had a 5-3 record with an eight place honorable mention, with outstanding Olivia O'Brien taking home a 20 rank witness award!!

Temple University: Team Donatello went undefeated with an 8-0 record, taking home first place, and keen Kate Hayner-Slattery brought back both a 20 rank attorney award and a 14 rank witness award!! Also, the jocund Joy Holden took home a 20 rank witness award!

Lewis University: Team Raphael took third place with a 6-2 record, with beaming Braden Pomerantz coming back with a 17 rank witness award!

winter 2018

St. Paul Regional: Northwestern A tied for 3rd place with a 6-2 record, qualifying for the Opening Round Championships in Geneva, and Katharine Cusick brought back 16 rank witness award!! 

Ceder Rapids Regional: Northwestern B came in 8th place with 5.5 wins, missing out on qualifying for the Opening Round Championships by one place on a tie which was broken by a CS of just .5

Joliet Regional:Northwestern D tied for 2rd place with a 7-1 record, qualifying for the Opening Round Championships in Hamilton, while Northwestern C finished with a record of 3-5. Sean Van Dril recieived a 19 rank witness award while Liz Curtis earned a 19 rank attorney award and Michael Zhou brought home an 18 rank attorney award. 

spring 2018   







Geneva ORCs: Northwestern A has qualified for Nationals with an 8-0 record, cementing their status as one of the best in the Midwest. They destroyed their competition with a +78 point differential over teams like UChicago A, Wheaton A, ISU A, and Arkansas A. Senior and captain Katharine Cusick took 18 and 17 rank witness awards, while her fellow senior and captain Joy Holden took an 18 rank attorney award.

Hamilton ORCs: Northwestern B has also qualified for Nationals with a 5-3 record! They had a quick start with wins over teams like Notre Dame A, Eastern Michigan A, and a split with Elmhurst A. An overall +35 point differential and a CS of 17.5 was enough to move on at one of the most difficult ORCs this year. Senior and captain Jack Stucky took a 19 rank witness award. 

Nationals:  Northwestern had a great run at the National Championship Tournament this year, Northwestern A, team 1592 placed 9th in their division with a 7-5 record. Northwestern B, team 1593 finished 2-10 but still took a ballot off National defending champions, UVA. Nick Anderson, Joy Holden, and Michael Zhou all took home All-American Attorney awards, a program record!